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Fun & Creativity


Children get to explore their creative side through drawing, coloring, and sharing artwork. 


From listening and dancing to live performances with instruments and learning what instruments are and the different sounds makes for a loud and joyful experience.


The sharing of toys and belief that all things belong to "ME" makes the development of social interaction and our Fruit of the Spriit curriculum come alive.


From baby talk to word formation.  Learning made comfortable allows the formation of language stress free.  From ABC's to story time to lullabies and nursery rhymes children learn and support each other's growth in a secure environment.


Formation of counting with fingers to recognizing what each number looks like allows for continual repetition and inspiration to get it right and feel confident in his and her development.  These endevors are pricless.

Outside Play

You have to let them release their energy.  Running, jumping, falling down as they are learning to walk and learn the developing use of feet is pure joy.  Holding of hands to play running in a circle, bike riding, sliding down the slide to beginner sports play and activity builds confidence, assurance and peer interaction that is worth the noise.

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