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20698 Egypt Road Aberdeen, MS 39730
Monday-Friday 6:00am-5:00pm



We welcome infants beginning

at 6 weeks of age. The start of a new world to learn and grow in purpose.


Our toddlers are full of exploration! We welcome new ages and also enjoy watching them grow from infant age while in our care.


Watching preschoolers learn and put together the world around them is fulfilling. The questioning of everything, the discovery of the smallest particles, and messy hands are laughable but 'oh my' experiences that are all to real.



Reasoning, debating, choices, behaviors and more are the beginning of developing the whole person. What a pleasure to be a part of their new journey.

Our Approach

As a State Certified Home Daycare, our focus is the whole child with development of spirit, soul and body. Our curriculum is Christ-centered and foundational in Early Education that is age appropriate for our beginner learners.  Social-emotional and physical development are vital nourishments that contribute to self-identity and self- awareness. Our support to parents and involvement in community makes for a productive, positive and well-rounded preschooler growing up to transition easily into Kindergarten and beyond.  

What Parents Think

To know that my children are cared for and are safe gives me peace of mind.  I also love that they are taught in a Godly environment in their formative years. 

Keilan and Aylah's mom

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